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So I went on kohls.com to buy my husband shirts for work. It ended up being a good deal to get the tie/shirt packs! Yay. So he got two of those and one regular green shirt(he has a new Calvin Klein green tie with no matching shirt) so then after that I needed to spend $28 more to get another $15 free kohls cash, so he said BUY YOURSELF
SOMETHING PLEASE!! Like ten times as I tried to find him more stuff. I finally gave in and ordered myself some boots AND some super cute slipper boots!

Oh and I already had a pajama set and pajama pants for me in the cart

So I went to check out and happened to look for a promo code first and WHAM there is 15% off so now I had to spend MORE money and he said see if there is anything for Z and I was like hmmm and then I checked for Apples to Apples(which we were already going to get her because she LOVES it) and it was $15!!! So I am like okay that HAS to take us to the limit and went to check out but Nooooo I was still under by $6

So I looked at Pillows, was just going to get one for J but they were $4! So I got two! Yay new pillows!!!

So we got

Micro fleece pajama set
Pajama pants
Two shirt/tie sets
Business shirt
Awesome boots for me
Slipper boots for me
Apples to apples
Two pillows

For $100.88
And now we have $30 Kohls cash!! Which I didn't know you only have a certain week to spend it! Anyways Jonathan is getting boxers with it!

I am SO EXCITED. I told him he has to wrap my stuff up for Christmas! I wanted boots for Christmas and I got them! Yay! I almost had a panic attack spending money and he was like "I spend money all the time" ha.

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Ughhh trying not to freak myself out

I took Tylenol PM because I got bug bites all
over me and can't stop itching.

Then it was getting waaaay worse so I took half a dose of Benedryl.

Now I am worried I shouldn't have done that!!!!

I hate being pregnant an constantly worrying I am hurting my son.

I have like 20 bug bites from who knows what I am DYING

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